Maria Aubect
Maria came to the plantation two decades ago. A widow, mother of 5, she is one of the few women working in the cultivation and harvesting of sugarcane in the plantation.

Martina Henrríquez
Maria’s oldest daughter. She was born in Dominican Republic and moved with Maria to the plantation when she was 7. In spite having finished high school 3 years ago, she hasn’t been able to enter university and realize her dream of becoming a doctor.

Yudelka Oguis
Yudelka is nurse and works for an NGO in the bateyes. She is in charge of the social care and health projects, assisting families and disabled children.

Juan Telemín
Comunity worker, civil rights activist.
Born in Batey Nigua.

Jenny Torres
Civil rights activist.
Ciudad Alternativa

Jesús Núñez
Coordinator :
Unión de trabajadores cañeros de los Bateyes.

Moisés, Lenord, Marcelo Masselis Polo, Roberto “El Dominante”, Jr Music JayRicky, Miguel Ángel Grullón, María Magdalena Álvarez, Leidi, Pili.




Dominican Republic 1974. Director of  the documentary  Kathy  Colon  y  la  Campaña  por  la  Diputación  de Europa  (selection  Eduardo  León Jimenes Awards, 2012)  and  the shorts Prima Vita (Les Rencontres Internationales Nouveau Cinema et Art Contemporaine, Gayte Lyrique / Haus der Kulturen derWelt / L’Alternativa-Pantalla lliure, 2015), En quin moment es va fotre el projecte europeu? (PiiGS Playwrights Festival on the Crisis, 2016), L’arquitectura gòtica a Barcelona: Les solucions d’una ciutat en transformació (MUHBA , 2018).

Director´s note

I arrived at the Plantation hoping to document the work of a group of young people who between juggling and good actions gave moments of joy and relief to hundreds of people immersed in terrible poverty.

 The landscape is a living catalogue of mechanisms of territorial exploitation and how people become one more of its gears. Some-thing that can be read in the isolation and design of settlements more similar to concentration camps than to places where people come chasing dreams of a better life and work.

A place where nothing has been left to chance, where negligence does not exist: there is no possible negligence when managing an operation of 1,000 square kilometers of sugar cane and 30,000 people for the most important sugar market in the world.

The plantation system goes far beyond its physical barriers, with strong roots in colonialism, corruption and expansionist ambitions that have shaped many other aspects of Dominican society. We want to rebuild its journey and current state through testimonies and images that help us to compose an evocative and immersive narrative of this place and the consequences of planning practices that continue to put efficiency above people’s wellbeing.

Jan Matheu – Screenwriter
Writer and producer of the documentary feature The Brave Class (Compacto / Fractal 7.) and producer for the film She Moves The Night (Nanouk Films), the television series Follo Ergo Sum (BTV), the theater play Wohnwagen (La Brutal), the short film Bathed in Light (EEFF, Mayo Films) and the 2017 music video clips for Dora Black (Realité). He works as a cinema teacher.  

Sergio Grobas – MAYO FILMS Executive Producer
CEO and executive producer from Mayo films. He has participated in many international co-productions, especially between spain and latin-america, like “Neruda” by Pablo Larraín or “A Fantastic woman” by Sebastián Lelio, oscar-winner for best foreign picture in 2018. He has also been part of the European producers team from the prestigious agency McCann.

Ico Abreu – iFilm Executive Producer
Architect and filmmaker. University professor o Architecture, Cinema, Planning and Environment. He has more than two decades of experience producing content for cinema, television and radio, while also participating in several other projects as actor and production designer. He is currently working in his first feature film under his production company iFilm.

Oriol Cortacans – BATABAT Executive Producer
Oriol Cortacans is a producer, journalist and director of Batabat Films, a production company based in Barcelona and working all around the world, specially in Spain and Latin America. He specializes in documentary features and series.
BATABAT is a production company working from Barcelona since 2006. We produce feature films, fiction and nonfiction documentaries and tv shows. 

Sofia Nicolini Llosa – Cinematographer
Camerawoman and editor, she traveled over 30 countries   filming the documentary Pequeños Grandes Mundos and  Cadena de Regalos (Palermo Films/100 Bares). Director of  Mujeres  Rurales, Motores  de  desarrollo  (Food  and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), and Hacer Visible lo Invisible (Dora Morgen). She is currently working behind the cameras for the documentary Campeonas about female boxing (Pro Video Grip).


Guiu Vallve – Editor
Editor of the documentary Sasha (Gaudí Awards Nomenee), El Andar del borracho (short film for which he was nominated for best editor at the Fugaz Awards), El Escarabajo al final de la calle (short film awarded at FICG festival, and Fugaz Awards nomenee) or the mockumentary El cerro de los Dioses. Guiu has also worked for IgluuStudio, Loto Films, BeAgency and Nespresso. He has also worked at the Ymagis laboratory.

Directed by
Juan Alfonso Zapata

Written by
Jan Matheu

Direction of Photography
Sofi­a Nicolini Llosa

Edited by:
Guiu Vallvé

Sound recording:
Ginebra Abril

Color Grading
Martí­ Somoza

Sound Design & Mix
Alberto Pérez / Sol de Sants Studios

Original Score
José Julio Bello «Mítiko»
Marcos Arias

A production by
Mayo Films

In collaboration with
Televisió de Catalunya

With the support of:
Graham Foundation

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Executive production Mayo Films
Sergio Grobas
Ibai Abad
Jan Matheu
Laura Egidos

Executive production SomBatabat
Oriol Cortacans
Marc Roma

Executive production iFilm
Ico Abréu

Executive production TVC
Jordi Ambròs

SomBatabat Team: Toni Balboa

Aerial Photography: Sofia Nicolini Llosa / Julián Roa

Additional Photography:
Juan A. Zapata / Julián Roa

Assistant Editors: Camila Musteikis / Ana Benzal

Graphics and Poster: Júlia Latorre

Trailer Editing: Alba Cid

Teaser 2018 

Editor: Guiu Vallvé

Sound Editor: Martí Albert

Colour Grading: Adrià Cillero

Teaser 2017 Edited by Alba Cid

Original Music
Arrangements and composition: José Julio Bello “Mítiko” 

Musical Direction and arrangements:  Marcos Arias 

Sound engineer: Tato Vargas 

Editing and Mix: Joel Berrido 

Studio Assistant: JV Oliver 


Maestro José Duluc: tambú, maracas, fotuto, bambú, palo mayor, balsié 

Eduardo Yan “Pirulo”: tambú, bambú, katá, conga 

Gean Alberto: cello, saxophone

Alberto Pérez: cello, keyboards 

Marcos Arias: Palo, maracas, balsié

Ico Abreu: Maracas

Additional music

By Yatao
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By RAM Haiti
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